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About Us


Brain-Cube Inc. was incorporated in 2016 by Calvin Hardement and Kane Micheletti as a passion project to put our imaginations to use by designing and creating games, apps, and solutions to both save and waste your time.

Life’s greatest challenges can be easily overcome with a little innovation. One of our passions is to create powerful yet simple-to-use apps that allow our users to streamline their day in order to achieve their greatest results. These apps range from simple organizers to full business solutions, and regardless of their various niches, they all bring one amazing benefit: simplicity.

Once the work is done, sometimes people want to sit back, relax, and forget about their day.

Other times they want to dive completely into another world and explore the limits of reality.

With this in mind, we have unbridled our wildest dreams to bring imagination combined with experiential wisdom and intuitive design to our users in the form of fantastic adventure games and extraordinarily entertaining children’s games that a surprising amount of adults also enjoy.

We pledge to give every ounce of our creative energy to give you the best possible experience when playing any of our games or utilizing any of our apps and solutions.

Brain-Cube Inc.